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Color Label Printers

C7500 Series

 (High Volume, Endless Label Materials)

The Epson C7500 Series color label printer is a glossy label printer built for volume, quality, and speed. Perfect for small and mid-sized businesses and manufacturers, the C7500 Series is commonly used to print full-color, glossy wine bottle labels, food and beverage labels, cannabis labels, candy labels, cosmetic labels, coffee and tea labels, chemical labels, and other product labels.

C3500 Series

 (Low Volume, Several Label Materials)

The Epson C3500 color label printer is commonly used to print product labels, food labels, ingredient labels, carton box labels, event tickets, wristbands, name and ID badges, retail tags, inventory tags, barcodes, GHS labels, and more. Flexibility and durability are the names of the game with this affordable and versatile color label printer.