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Jet City Label supplies the PNW with inkjet labels in a hundreds of shapes and sizes designed specifically for use with the Epson C7500 & C3500 color label printer series.

Matte paper labels — Featuring a smooth, bright white matte finish
High gloss paper labels — Featuring a glossy surface compatible with pigment inks
Matte polypropylene labels — Often used for healthcare applications
Matte chemical labels — GHS BS5609
Jet City Label also provides custom labels made to your specifications. 

The Epson color label printer series is built for high volume, quality, speedgloss, matte, and clear labels. Perfect for small and mid-sized businesses and manufacturers, the ColorWorks series is commonly used to print full-color, wine bottle labels, food and beverage labels, cannabis and marijuana labels, beer labels, cosmetic labels, candy labels, coffee and tea labels, chemical labels, GHS labels, BS-5609 certified labels, and many more. 

Check out all of our supported label materials!

Satin Paper, Semi-Gloss Paper, Matte Paper, Water Resistant Paper, Matte Synthetic, Matte GHS Poly, Matte Durable Paper, Matte Polypropylene, Egg Shell Felt, Coated Estate, Wet Strength Paper, Clear Glossy, Clear Polypropylene, Frosted PET, and many more.