Label Slitter

$2,199.00 *Price Match

Who should use a label slitter?

The label slitter gives the user the ability to cut label rolls from 0.75″ (19mm) to 9.45″ (240mm). Start producing 3” cardboard cores and having an outside diameter up to 10” (250mm). Finished labels are rewound face out for a label applicator.

Ideal for producing small labels, multiple shapes across, and printing multiple rolls for labeling machines.

The label slitter satisfies the present-day necessity to make the most of the print area with the possibility to obtain more rows of labels from the same roll, and then split it through the use of the slitter.

The cutting operations are done by a common cutter blade that is located in an apposite blade holder. The slitter has an external auto-switching 100/240V  power supply and an electronic circuit controls all its functions.

Being that it’s an offline solution, the slitting operations will not be interrupted if the printer decided to pause or cut the media during the standard printing process.

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