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Custom Label Rolls

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Label Printers

Start cutting out lead times for last second label orders. The only commercial color label printer with a permanent printhead for maximum cost savings.

We can print pre-printed label stock for any custom application. Proven professional retail label makers and sticker machines.

Digital Label Cutters

All-in-one systems that digitally die-cut and remove the excess label material around each custom shape. Slit, rewind, and laminate your in-house labels for a professional retail look.

Pick from desktop and stand alone label finishing systems.

Slitters | Matrixes

Remove label matrixes and slit labels at up to 9.45″ (240mm) wide onto industry standard 3″ cores. Rewind label rolls up to 10″ (250mm) in diameter for an easy transition to a label applicator.

Epson C7500G inline matrix remover and rewinder for easy on-demand full bleed labeling.

Label Applicators

Looking to improve efficiency in your production line? Take a look at our full line of industrial label applicators.

Pick from sticker dispensersmanual, semi-automatic, and full-automatic options. We’ve partnered with manufacturers from across the world for any custom application.

Printer Software

About Us

Jet City Label first opened in 1995 between Seattle’s Ballard and Fremont neighborhoods as a commercial label printer. We continue to supply our customers with industry leading custom label printing and commercial labeling solutions.

We are excited to add an online presence with a local print shop touch. Any of our commercial label equipment can be financed with local lenders based on customizable payment plan options. Whether you’re big or small, we have options to help your local business grow!

We will ensure that your businesses custom label rolls, label printers, digital label cutterslabel applicators, and software are running efficiently for years to come. Book an appointment, start an online chat, leave your email, or give us an old fashioned call. We’ll be here.