Afinia DLP-2100 Cannabis Label Printing Press Review

#1 Cannabis Label Printer

The Afinia DLP-2100 label printing press is our top of the line digital print solution. This press will print your artwork, die cut each shape, and laminate for durability. This is our fastest and highest resolution sticker printing solution. Pick from almost any label material and start printing today.

Automatically include variable data

Variable data printing technology lets you easily customize data on every single product label. Regulatory compliance means retailers need to include lot numbers, batch numbers, dates, patient information, testing data, potency percentages—the list goes on, and state requirements all vary.

Some companies “overlabel”—an expensive process of sticking extra labels on the product. You don’t need a label for your label. Our standard Windows drivers are compatible with regulatory and seed-to-sale tracking software: as long as you’ve got the right data, so will your products.

Take control of your inventory

Many processors do not have total control over their inventory: one week they’re getting one particular set of strains from a grow, the next week it changes. With hundreds of strains, products and containers, changeable regulations, and SKUs it’s hard to outsource labels without overstocking.

Internal printing provides accurate data to customers while also eliminating packaging bottlenecks.

Maximize your product life

Many cannabis products have varying and limited shelf lives. Outsourcing printing takes time, and any delay to shipping means customers receive products that aren’t as fresh. Common processes and delays impact your ability to deliver top-quality goods.

On-demand printing allows the product to determine the time to market; not the packaging.

Stand out from the crowd

The cannabis industry is alive with bright, wild, and eye-catching packaging. With total control over your label design (and the flexibility to make changes on-demand) you can leverage the full range of printing capabilities to stand out against your competition.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Fast & affordable flexible steel dies
  • Very fast finishing (≤ 12 IPS)
  • Memjet powered L901 included
  • Best for repeat jobs, blank labels
  • Massive roll of material (17.3 in/440 mm outside diameter)
  • DLP-2100 can produce more than 25,000 full-color 3×4-inch labels per hour

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