Afinia L901 Plus Pharmaceutical Label Printer Review


The Afinia L901 plus label printer is our number two rated digital print solution. This label printer will print your artwork up to 60' per minute. This is our fastest and highest resolution sticker printing solution. Pick from almost any label material and start printing today.

Avoid production delays and expenses

Outsourcing your labels can take weeks to be delivered and it will leave you with fewer opportunities to make changes to your design. Purchasing labels are one thing, but you may also have to take into consideration the loss that production delays will impact your business with clients or customers. These are the expenses that can go far beyond just the cost of the label.

When you have a label printer on-site, you can design, modify, and print your label on the same day. It completely eliminates the stress of meeting minimum orders, expensive purchasing rates, and shipping fees. Printing in-house is cost-effective and will prevent you from wasting labels.

Ability to print labels for multiple packaging

Printing labels on-site for primary and secondary packaging can help you maintain an organized inventory. It also gives the ability to print same-day labels for products imported or exported.

Maintain legible product information

Creating labels in-house can help to include all the required information but still maintain legibility for the consumer.

Ability to take care of issues as they come

The opportunities that in-house printing include being able to save time, save money, and reduce waste. By printing your own labels you can create clean and professional labels that are easy to modify. With your own label printer, you can design and create labels for different types of packaging that your products require.


  • Memjet powered L901 included
  • Best for repeat jobs, blank labels
  • Afinia L901 Plus label printer can produce more than 25,000 full-color 3×4-inch labels per hour
  • 1600 DPI resolution
  • Prints labels up to 8.5" wide and 48" long

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